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Oahe Home Builders Association provides it’s members with a 3-tier membership program. The first tier of membership is becoming a part of our surrounding communities through volunteer work, sponsorship dollars, fundraising events and keeping home ownership affordable by fighting legislation that continues to burden the home builders and owners.  The second portion of the tier is being a member of The South Dakota Home Builders Association, a statewide non-profit trade association made up of professional builders, re-modelers, and associate members. Who also promote home ownership and quality affordable housing through active participation in industry related issues. The third tier is being a member at the National level with the National Home Builders Association, who work with states throughout our nation to keep the Home Building Industry and the consumers on top of key issues directly affecting all of us as a whole! Through this 3-tier membership, our members have access to education, training, legal advice, legislative and discounts available.

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